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Goodwill Industries of the Valleys’ Inspire 2026 – Strategic Plan

Roanoke, Virginia – Goodwill Industries of the Valleys celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2021. Ninety years of serving communities, families, and individuals. As Goodwill’s leadership reflected on the impact of the past ninety years, it was important to focus forward by looking back – to the roots – and find the why behind what Goodwill does. The founder, Edgar J. Helms, began Goodwill with a vision of ‘not charity, but a chance.’ He believed in giving people the opportunity to work as a path to both financial and personal independence. Such independence was key to combating poverty by providing ‘a hand up, not a handout.’ With the eradication of poverty as a cornerstone of Goodwill’s mission, what role does Goodwill play? How can Goodwill make a difference and an even greater impact on communities, families, and individuals?

To answer those questions, Goodwill Industries of the Valleys recently put the final touches on a robust five-year strategic plan – Inspire 2026. Real time data was collected to craft the vision and mission for the decades ahead. Through a series of surveys, shoppers, donors, financial supporters, board members, community partners and other key stakeholders (including Goodwill team members), provided input and gave a voice to priorities, efforts, strategy, and the future of the organization.

The feedback was a guide and helped to shape the strategic direction of Goodwill for the years ahead. Inspire 2026 is the culmination of hours spent looking inward to define who we are, where we want to be, and the impact we want to be a part. The goal was to develop a transformational plan that will allow Goodwill to eliminate poverty by empowering individuals, strengthening families, and inspiring communities.

After compiling all the responses and feedback, Goodwill Industries of the Valleys defined the following specific goals and objectives as the strategic direction for the next five-year period:

  • Goal 1: Strengthen operations in order to provide an effective infrastructure to meet the changing needs of our communities.
  • Goal 2: Create an organizational culture demonstrating the value of each team member through a person-centered model.
  • Goal 3: Achieve greater impact for individuals, families, and communities.
  • Goal 4: Collaborate to advance opportunities for and equity in our communities.

Goodwill team members are at the heart of this plan. They are the very individuals we aim to empower, part of the families we want to strengthen, and members of the communities we want to inspire. Through a team-centered model, Goodwill is more connected to the areas we serve. Through this connection, the objective is to address and meet the needs of individuals served as well as those Goodwill has not yet had the opportunity.

In addition, the focus is on operational excellence to strengthen the programs and services provided throughout Goodwill’s territory. A key component of that focus is a multi-generational approach to the programs and services provided. It has been proven, individuals thrive when the entire family unit thrives. Strengthening families is part of Goodwill’s mission and vital to the success of both the strategic plan and the vision of eliminating poverty. Goodwill is dedicated to empowering youth through programs, building skills training opportunities, and helping those with various barriers gain employment as well as further developing partnerships with community organizations and area businesses. Goodwill is committed to helping each individual reach their fullest potential. And the commitment is stronger than ever.

Using this strategic framework for the future as a guide, Goodwill seeks greater financial independence and stability, to allow us to reinvest in the communities, build stronger partnerships, and maximize resources.

Building on the legacy, Goodwill Industries of the Valleys is able to make a greater, longer lasting impact while embarking on an exciting new future. Goodwill is entering this transformative era energized with renewed mission, vision, purpose, and values.   

Baseline measures and target outcomes projected for year five are included and the full plan is available by visiting


About Goodwill Industries® of the Valleys

Goodwill Industries of the Valleys serves 35 counties and 14 cities throughout Central, Southwest, and Southside Virginia. Its mission is to eliminate poverty through empowering individuals, strengthening families, and inspiring communities. In 2021, Goodwill served 38,446 youth, adults, and seniors, placed 670 people into jobs in our community, and helped individuals attain 2,949 industry recognized credentials allowing them to be more competitive in their job search and to find higher paying employment. Visit for more information.

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