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Faces of Goodwill


Meet Kathleen and Gates. Always a snappily dressed man, Gates still gets compliments on the high-end jackets he found at Goodwill decades ago — for ten bucks! Kathleen’s cousin always loved working with and shopping at Goodwill because she knew all the good it did for the community. Today, Kathleen keeps her cousin’s memory alive by participating in an annual fashion show featuring models in Goodwill clothes.


Meet Jamal, a Goodwill store manager. Jamal feels the way that the Goodwill team embraces the mission — both in the community and the workplace — is what makes it unique. When hospitalized with a health issue, Jamal was surprised to get a visit from Goodwill leadership. “They had my back through the toughest times. They get it. They care,” says Jamal.


Meet Amie and Alex. Just because they’re a pair of “fashionistas” doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate a great deal. That’s why when it’s time to find just the right gift or the perfect look, they always start at Goodwill. It keeps date nights fun and affordable — and good for the community!


Meet Anastasia (and her family). She donates her growing son’s ever-changing wardrobe of stylish baby clothes to Goodwill because she believes in the work Goodwill does to provide services and job connections right here in the Valley. “I’ve seen what Goodwill does for families in my community,” she says. “I’m proud to be a part of it. And I need the closet space!”


Meet Dusty. Maybe he didn’t have the best start. But serving in the military gave him the time he needed to find himself. Today he works hard and, inspired by the help a high school teacher gave him, Dusty looks for ways he can give back. His position at Goodwill lets him help others less fortunate find the resources they need.


Meet Ella. She has got the gift. If there’s the perfect accessory and a hidden treasure on a back shelf at Goodwill, she will find it. Like a lot of young people, she knows where the fashion values meet her values. Time and a few dollars spent at her favorite store helps people all around her community. And that’s a gift that’s picture perfect!

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