Foundational Skills Tutoring

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Do you have your dream job in mind but don’t feel you have the skills you need to get there? Foundational Skills Tutoring at Goodwill is designed to help students to obtain the skills they need to be successful in future training or the workforce. Whether they want to advance their career, apply for their first job, start an English as a Second Language or a GED class, Foundational Skills Tutoring will ensure they are ready for what lies ahead.

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The students will work with their tutor to develop an individualized learning plan to ensure they are invested in their own growth. This plan will target and strengthen areas where, through assessments (TABE and CASAS), it has been determined they could benefit from the most development. Focus areas will include reading, writing, math, and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Also, students will learn using online resources, printed handouts, interactive activities, and pair work.

Foundational Skills Tutoring will help you to:

  • Improve reading, writing, math, and English skills
  • Get the most out of your GED class
  • Apply to your first job
  • Advance in your career

Foundational Skills Tutoring will be available Monday through Thursday during both morning (10am – Noon) or evening (4pm- 6pm) sessions at our Roanoke Jobs Campus.

Foundational Skills Tutoring is offered at the Roanoke Jobs Campus, but services are open to the public living in any location in Goodwill’s 31 counties and 13 cities service area.

For more information or to register contact us at (540) 581.0620 | or fill out the interest form below.

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