WIOA Dislocated Worker

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Goodwill operates the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Dislocated Worker program for multiple Workforce Investment Areas in Virginia. The program is designed to provide services to assist individuals, who have lost their job due to company closing or layoff, in obtaining training and industry recognized credentials in a demand occupation and to re-enter employment in high-growth industries.

Career Services

Career services are offered to all dislocated workers at Virginia Workforce Centers and Satellite Offices. These services include:

  • Job search and placement assistance, including career counseling
  • Labor market information identifying job vacancies, skills necessary for occupations in demand, and relevant employment trends in the local, regional, and national economies
  • Initial assessment of skills and needs
  • Information on available services and programs
  • Follow up services to assist in job retention

Training Services

Dislocated Workers can also receive assistance in training for in-demand occupations. To access training assistance, individuals must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Has been terminated, laid off, or lost job due to company closing and is receiving or has exhausted unemployment insurance compensation
  • Self-employed and is no longer able to maintain the business due to general economic conditions or natural disaster
  • Displaced homemaker who has been providing unpaid services to family members in home and has been dependent on the income of another family member

Training may include:

  • Occupational skills training in an occupation that is locally in demand
  • Skills upgrading
  • On the job training
  • Industry recognized credentials
  • Pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training
  • Academic and career preparation for training
  • Post-training job search assistance

For more information on the WIOA Dislocated Worker program, e-mail info@goodwillvalleys.com or call (540) 581.0620 option 1.

The WIOA Dislocated Worker program is offered to individuals living in the Counties of Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene, Madison, Nelson, and the City of Charlottesville.