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Goodwill operates online storefronts where customers can shop online for books, unique collectibles, and high-end jewelry.

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How Does Shopping Goodwill Online Support the Community?

Revenues generated through the sale of donated goods, in traditional stores and online, provide critical revenue to help fund Goodwill job training and employment programs. These programs enable people to get back to work and gain greater independence. With more and more customers choosing to shop online instead of in traditional brick and mortar locations, online stores allow Goodwill to meet customers where they choose to shop, and still generate revenue to support programs in our communities.

Goodwill online storefronts also provide training opportunities for individuals in Goodwill programs. They learn valuable skills that prepare them for competitive jobs in the community. Skills learned include:

  • Sorting
  • Bar code scanning of books into a computer
  • Cataloging
  • Shipping