Goodwill Challenge

Find out how to take the Goodwill Challenge!

We’re issuing you a Goodwill Challenge! Are you looking for a great outfit? Need school clothes for the kids? Or a new tablescape for the next party you’re having? Save a little money and put it toward your next vacation, and take our challenge. Visit your local Goodwill store and find those items you’re looking for. Then post them to your Facebook page with the hashtag #GoodwillChallenge. Whether it’s a video or photos – we’d love to see how you’re accepting the Goodwill Challenge!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Issue us the challenge! We’ll come to your local Goodwill store to help you find those items you’re looking for. Issue your Challenge to us on Facebook (be sure to tag us, and use #GoodwillChallenge), or email us at

Watch our Challenge videos on YouTube!