Diversity and Inclusion Commitment

Our Commitment to On-Going Change

As we remember George Floyd, and the subsequent calls for meaningful social change, we reassert our commitment to serve and lift up those who have suffered inequity, oppression, and injustice. We will continue to advocate for justice and a more equitable society; and work to ensure that all people have opportunities to achieve their greatest potential.

Since its beginning in 1902, Goodwill has been removing barriers for those experiencing systemic injustices. Our organization was founded on the principles of eliminating poverty and helping people, families and communities overcome barriers to economic freedom. We believe our core values of respect, ethics, diversity, and inclusion are not only statements but essential beliefs in the way we act as an organization.  A century later, Goodwill continues as an essential community resource used by people working hard to get ahead.

While words are important, action is more so. Over the past year, we have taken the following steps:

  • Reaffirmed our pledge to provide a more supportive and inclusive workplace. We will continue to uphold our commitment to cultivating a trusting work environment where all ideas are welcomed, and employees can thrive.
  • Expanded our DEI committee, led by a cross-section of Goodwill Industries of the Valleys team members to advance DEI initiatives throughout our service area.
  • Goodwill Industries of the Valleys is embarking on a strategic planning initiative with DEI embedded throughout.
  • Used a DEI lens to create a framework for delivering Goodwill’s mission that will us to promote equity among job seekers and ensure all people can learn new skills, access tools, and connect to better jobs and career opportunities.

We stand together on the side of social justice and exposing the inequities stemming from systemic racism. We also recognize the need to have change in our institutional laws and governing regulations that have permitted this injustice to persist. Goodwill will continue to advocate for this change and make our voices heard as we seek to empower individuals, strengthen families and build strong communities.

On Behalf of Goodwill Industries of the Valleys,

Richmond Vincent, Jr., President & CEO

Goodwill’s Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion is a core value of Goodwill. Pictured are a group of employees of different ethnic, racial, gender, and age backgrounds.

Goodwill Industries of the Valleys is fully committed to Diversity and Inclusion and has included this as a core value as well created a team to spread the message that inclusion is a priority in our organization. We will develop a business plan to foster and strengthen a culture of diversity. We have created a mission and vision for Diversity and Inclusion in our organization that will move Goodwill to the forefront as a leader in the non-profit sector in our region.

Goodwill will use a number of human resource tools and commit resources to create an organization that expands Diversity and Inclusion. We are proud of our heritage as an open organization working with many different populations to assure that they have opportunities for success and “maximum of abundant living.”

Richmond Vincent
President & CEO

Diversity and Inclusion Defined

Diversity is having a workforce with a mix of different backgrounds and cultures working together on the same goals including an openness to differences. Inclusion will be the means by which we maximize talent and realize the power of the diversity all around us.

Statement to Partners, Vendors, and Contractors

We strive to provide fair and equal opportunity for community partners, vendors and contractors to compete for our business. Having a diverse and inclusive group of community partners, vendors and contractors is a vital component of our values and we look to align ourselves with organizations that share a similar commitment.

Our Goodwill defines:

  • Diversity as: having a workforce and partners with a mix of different backgrounds and
    cultures working together on the same goals including an openness to differences
  • Inclusion as: the means by which we maximize talent and realize the power of the
    diversity all around us.

Some examples of that diverse population we are seeking to align with are: Small business, Women Owned, Ethnic Minority Owned, and Veteran Owned.

Goodwill Industries of the Valleys is fully committed to Diversity and Inclusion and has included this as a core value. We have also created a Diversity and Inclusion Team to spread the message that inclusion is a priority in our organization. We are proud of our heritage as an open organization working with many different populations and to assure that everyone has equal opportunity for success.