Outsourcing Solutions for Businesses

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Goodwill Outsourcing Solutions provide your company the peace of mind that jobs you choose to outsource will be done on-time, on budget, and also help your community.  The jobs we do for you provide training and employment opportunities for individuals in Goodwill programs.

Outsourcing Solutions we offer…

Custom pallets are just one of the Outsourcing Solutions that Goodwill provides.

The Viking pallet machine is used for high volume automated wood pallet production.

Production & Assembly

  • Light manufacturing – We produce your finished goods and provide sub-assembly for a variety of businesses.
  • Kitting and assembly – We perform semi-automatic and manual assembly with the flexibility to meet your needs.  Reverse logistics including relabeling, inspection, refurbishing, and sorting as well as kitting and pick and pack can also be performed.


  • Pallets – New and custom pallets, can be heat treated on site for ISPM 15 specification for international shipment.
  • Wood crating and packaging – Custom crating and packaging. Kiln dried and heat treated lumber available.

Janitorial Services

  • Commercial janitorial services – Our commercial janitorial services are solutions for banks, industrial sites, apartment buildings, educational facilities, government buildings, office buildings, churches, and daycare facilities.
  • Grounds maintenance – We can also offer assistance with grounds maintenance.
Goodwill Janitorial Services are an Outsourcing Solution that meets the needs of the business while also providing training for individuals in Goodwill programs.

Goodwill offers janitorial services for commercial businesses.

Goodwill Outsourcing Solutions offer a way for your business to have skilled labor perform work that is not a primary function of your business. Work may be done on location at your facility or at one of our ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturing locations. We offer supervised teams that can come to your place of business to perform work you don’t want to move offsite.

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The quality work Goodwill performs provides work opportunities for individuals in Goodwill programs.  It also helps us to create revenue to support the programs we provide in your community. Visit us at www.goodwillvalleys.com to learn more, email us comservices@goodwillvalleys.com, or call us at (540) 581.0620, ext. 1160.