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black and white photo of large wood crates on the back of a semi truck

Packaging products for shipment is a necessary activity of many businesses, but it is not the work that drives profit for the business. We can help you meet your goals through cost effective and custom solutions to your packaging needs.

Goodwill offers:

The picture shows wood blocks - known as dunnage - that are inserted between anodized metal frames. The dunnage stabilizes the frames for shipment and prevents them from rubbing against the shipping container which could damage the finish on the frames.

Goodwill Business Solutions recycles dunnage for Metalsa

Custom Wood Crates

Goodwill manufactures custom crates for extra product protection for domestic or international shipment. High quality and cost effective, the crates are built to customer specifications in as little as 48 hours. Kiln dried and heat treat certified lumber is available. The custom crates are designed to be easily accessible with a forklift or standard hand jack.

Dunnage and Cut Lumber

Sorting and palletizing of dunnage enables companies to cost effectively recycle wood packing material. We can also produce new wood packaging material and cut lumber to customer satisfaction.

Automated Packaging

Automated packaging is core to what Goodwill does, and our capabilities in this area make us an excellent outsource partner. We heat seal, blister pack, pack out cartons to plan and ship it to you or the end customer.

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