EDGAR®. . . Goodwill’s Superhero

Who is EDGAR®?


Did you know that Goodwill has a superhero? You may have seen him around the community. He enjoys visiting friends at local schools and colleges, during donation drives. As well as spending time in Goodwill Retail Stores during special events such as Grand Openings. He also can be found on Goodwill Valley’s social media pages and on donation boxes around the community.

Edgar Helms
EDGAR is our little green man and he has become Goodwill Industries of the Valleys’ mascot. He was named after the founder of Goodwill, Rev. Edgar J. Helms. You can learn more about Goodwill’s history by clicking here.



His Name

Did you know that EDGAR’s name is actually an acronym? An acronym uses the first letter of words in a phrase to create a new word. Can you guess what his name stands for? Scroll to the bottom of the screen to find out!

His Jobs

EDGAR has few important jobs here at Goodwill:

  • Teaching and helping people get back to work
  • Educating people that donating to Goodwill is recyclable
  • Helping keep our earth clean for generations to come!


Check out all of EDGAR’s adventures and the places he goes on Pinterest.

Coloring Sheets!

EDGAR                                                                        EDGAR-Recycle-Color-Sheet

Want to have your very own picture of EDGAR?                                                   EDGAR loves to recycle, do you?
Click here to download a coloring sheet.                                                              Click here to download a recycling coloring sheet.

 Want to Know How You Can Help?

Tell your friends and family about EDGAR! Share with them that donating to Goodwill not only helps the environment, but it also helps people and families in our very own community get back to work!

Want to get more involved?

  • Visit our volunteer page to see how you and your family can help Goodwill spread our mission.
  • You can also talk to your teachers and principals about hosting a school drive
  • AND the most important thing you can do, is donate those items you no longer wear, use, or play with to your local Goodwill today!

What Does EDGAR’s Name Mean?

EDGAR stands for Educating that Donations to Goodwill Are Recyclable.