Youth Adventures

Welcome To Goodwill’s Youth Adventures!

Goodwill Youth Adventures allows you to access activities, games, and videos to learn more about your Goodwill.



EDGAR is Goodwill’s Superhero!
Meet EDGAR on Goodwill's Youth Adventures

Click on EDGAR’s picture above to watch videos of his “Escapades”, download coloring sheets, and more!

Kid’s Corner

Watch Goodwill’s animated  video about donating, check out great Halloween costume ideas from Goodwill that won’t break the budget, as well as fun activities for all ages, including coloring sheets and DIY crafts by clicking on the Kids Corner photo below!

Kid's Corner on Youth Adventures allows you to access activities for kids that allow them to learn more about Goodwill.

Play our Donation Match Memory Game!

You will learn about recycling and donating to Goodwill!
Both help the environment by keeping materials out of area landfills.