Toni’s Story

When the sole responsibility for raising 4 grandchildren fell to her, Toni Patterson had to leave her job of 25 years. With the burden of caring for young children on little-to-no income, Toni struggled for years to make ends meet. When it became necessary for her to raise her great-granddaughter, Toni knew she had to find a way to build a better life for them both. Because she was out of the workforce for so long, Toni found it difficult to find employment. She felt alone, and didn’t know where to turn. When the Virginia Employment Commission referred her to Goodwill, Toni was enrolled in the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), where she is now working and regaining the skills she needs to be able to find stable employment. “I just can’t express how grateful I am because the SCSEP program has allowed my [great-] granddaughter and I to stay where we are. Today, I’m secure, I’m confident… I’m independent.”