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Meet Jonathan and his brother Karl on a Real Goodwill Tour and learn how Goodwill made their family healthier.

Meet Jonathan and his brother Karl on a Real Goodwill Tour and learn how Goodwill made their family healthier.

When many people think of Goodwill they think of it as a place to drop off what they no longer need or somewhere they can find great fashions for the entire family on a budget. While it is a location for donating and shopping, Goodwill also has a mission of  helping people and families achieve a better life through work and independence. You are invited to see how Goodwill is building independence for individuals, building healthier families, and building a better community by attending a Real Goodwill Tour.

The Real Goodwill Tour is a one-hour educational program that provides a “behind the scenes” overview of the Goodwill mission through the experiences of people whose lives have been impacted by Goodwill programs. During the tour, attendees hear personal stories about the “Real Goodwill,” from people who’ve benefitted from programs and services, including volunteers, family of program participants, and Goodwill leadership. Individuals who have gained greater independence after participating in Goodwill’s training and employment programs also share their stories.

“Most people know about our retail stores. What they don’t know is how the funds from our stores help people in our community get back to work and on their way to becoming self-sufficient,” states Laura Rawlings, Director of Development for Goodwill Industries of the Valleys. “When we speak to guests following the tours, the number one response is ‘I had no idea Goodwill did all those things!’  We’ve even joked about creating a t-shirt with this caption on it! It’s a real eye-opener for our tour guests.”

“Outside of the great deals at the Thrift Store, I didn’t know much about Goodwill,” stated Brie Jackson, a Real Goodwill Tour attendee. “Taking a tour of the Melrose Avenue location was informative. It was a great way to learn about the community garden, job training, partnerships with local colleges and other resources Goodwill Industries of the Valleys provides. I was touched by the personal stories workers shared about ways the agency helped to improve their lives. Goodwill Industries of the Valleys is truly making a positive difference in the community.”

The Real Goodwill tours began in December 2013. To date, more than 375 people have participated in this behind-the-scenes experience. Tours are offered twice a month at the Melrose Jobs Campus from 8:30 – 9:30am, and are completely free.  Space is limited so sign up for your tour today by clicking here.