Goodwill Challenge Highlights the Amazing Goodwill Finds!

Take the Goodwill Challenge or issue it to us!Goodwill Challenge Big

Goodwill is issuing you a Challenge! Think about what you might need to purchase in the next few weeks and challenge yourself to find it at your local Goodwill store. Do you need a great outfit to wear to an outing this Summer? What about vacation clothes for the kids, or a tablescape for a party you’re having? Save money, and take the Goodwill Challenge.

Post your finds to your Facebook page with the hashtag #GoodwillChallenge. Whether it’s a video or photos – we’d love to see how you’re accepting the Goodwill Challenge!

What if you can’t find what you’re looking for? Issue us the Goodwill Challenge! We’ll come to your local Goodwill to help you find those items you need. Issue your Challenge to us on Facebook (be sure to tag us, and use #GoodwillChallenge), or email us at

Earlier this month, Tilinia in Roanoke challenged us to help her find a great outfit for a wedding she was attending, as well as a perfect gift for the bride and groom. We found Tilinia a beautiful outfit with white cropped dress pants, a lavender lace blouse, strappy heels, and a cute little clutch bag – all for less than $15! Next we found a gorgeous 2-piece crystal candle holder that Tilinia thought her friends would love and it cost only $8.99!

Watch Tilinia’s Challenge video and other Goodwill Challenge videos on our YouTube channel! What’s your Goodwill Challenge?