Donor Spotlight – Matt Churchill

Matt participating in a Spartan Race.

Matt participating in a Spartan Race.

Climbing under barbed wire, crawling through mud, climbing walls, and jumping over fire – these are a few activities most of us would rather avoid. But for Matthew Churchill, a Goodwill Board Member who has been supporting Goodwill for many years, these challenges are what make up a Spartan Race. Participating in these extremely difficult obstacle races a couple times a year, Matt is passionate about challenging himself athletically. He is also just as passionate about helping others meet their own goals and objectives.

An alumnus of Virginia Tech, Matt serves as Relationship Manager and Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank. However, his favorite titles are proud husband to Mandy and father to William and Edward. Matt became a supporter of Goodwill several years ago after taking a Real Goodwill tour and hearing about the many programs that are offered to help people in our community gain independence. In his words, “Goodwill offers something unique: access to and the dignity of work.” He speaks highly of the programs the organization offers that help people prepare for the workforce, as well as the many job opportunities Goodwill provides. Matt is also appreciative of Goodwill’s consistent presence in the community through a number of time-tested programs.

The GoodStart Prisoner Re-Entry program is one of Matt’s favorite programs at Goodwill, as he is a big believer in second chances. He also feels strongly about the need for Goodwill’s Discovery Services Day Support program for adults with disabilities, as this is an area by which his family has been impacted. Matt points out that individuals with disabilities may have some obstacles to employment, but they also have unique gifts that they can bring to the workforce, if given the chance.

Matt is actively involved throughout the community, also serving on the Board of Directors for the YMCA of Virginia’s Blue Ridge and formerly serving as the President of the Salem-Roanoke County Chamber of Commerce. He says that one reason he gives back to the community is because he enjoys living here and wants to contribute to what makes it a worthwhile place to live – part of which is a healthy economy. Matt points out that a good economy is dependent on a healthy workforce, and he believes that “Goodwill is as much an economic development agent as it is a non-profit organization.”

Competing in a Spartan Race might sound a bit crazy to some, but it’s the kind of thing that someone with the energy and enthusiasm of Matt Churchill would do. Goodwill is grateful that Matt has brought that passion with him to this organization and is using it to help people and families in our community achieve a better life!