Organizational Employment

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Organizational employment programs are designed to provide individuals with disabilities training to develop and maintain work skills and habits so that they will be successful in a work environment. Program participants are referred and funded by the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS).

These programs provide:

  • Assessment
  • Social skills
  • Individual goal setting
  • Vocational skills training
  • Paid work opportunities
  • Work and work related activities in the least restrictive environment available

Organizational Employment programs operate Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3pm.

Employee Development/Work Adjustment Training (ED/WAT)

ED/WAT is comprehensive, individualized, and designed to develop or reestablish skills, attitudes, personal characteristics, work behaviors, and functional capacities in order to achieve positive employment outcomes. Services are time limited and can be provided directly to person seeking employment or indirectly through employer/employee support programs.

Job services are provided at the job site and can include counseling, intensive job training, and development of work habits, and behaviors appropriate for the work environment. Prior to completion of the program, a review is held utilizing input from the program participant, staff, families, advocates, funders, and other involved agency representatives to determine the potential for competitive employment, additional training, or the transition to other Goodwill programs.

Extended Employment Services

Extended Employment Services are designed to provide paid and unpaid work activities to adults with barriers to employment. Services are flexible and may include work in either center-based operations or off site work crews based in a community settings. The program provides a place of employment for individuals with an interest and ability to maintain employment with support services.

Support from trained, professional staff encourages good work habits, acceptable attendance, safe work practices, including the proper care and handling of equipment and materials. Work tolerance, quality of work, and a work pace consistent with the individual’s needs are developed and encouraged. Work activities, adequate supervision and skill development are provided. Opportunities to be engaged in productive work are offered through a variety of diverse vocational choices. Regular reviews are completed to ensure that the individual is assessed as to their potential and interest for competitive placement. These services are provided in Goodwill center-based operations and in off site work crews.

Organizational Employment is offered at the Radford, Roanoke, and Rocky Mount Jobs Campuses. Individuals living in Goodwill’s 31 counties and 13 cities are eligible for service, however are responsible for their own transportation.

For more information on Organizational Employment programs, e-mail or call (540) 581.0620 option 2.