10-Piece Wardrobe

Pieces needed to create a 10-piece wardrobe

Goodwill Industries of the Valleys can show you how to make a 10-piece wardrobe on any budget!

Looking great, on the job or off, doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Build a complete wardrobe affordably using only 10 pieces of clothing from Goodwill.

Pieces you will need to build your Wardrobe:

  • Tops: 5 tops with one that can be used as a jacket (ex. a cardigan sweater)
  • Bottoms: 4 bottoms that can be worn with all tops
  • Jacket: 1 jacket that matches all tops and bottoms

By mixing and matching all pieces you can create 56 different wardrobe combinations! View the entire GOODWILL 10-Piece Wardrobe, including all combinations

From work to weekend, the 10-Piece Wardrobe has a look for every occasion.

GOODWILL 10-Piece Wardrobe for Men

Simply follow the same guidelines above!