Production & Assembly

Product Assembly

Goodwill partners with companies to provide a vast array of solutions to meet assembly needs.

Goodwill assists in re-labeling

Goodwill helps businesses re-label their products

From semi-automatic and manual assembly to boxing, bagging, and shipping, a skilled team can provide quality and cost effective service for most assembly jobs.

Have an assembly project that is not suited to high speed automation or is required only periodically? Goodwill’s flexible workforce is ready to meet your production needs.


Goodwill offers a parts kitting service that pulls together all the materials you require, constructs the optimal kit for your needs, and ships the kits to their final destinations in a minimal amount of time.

Whatever your kitting challenges, Goodwill will develop creative solutions to ensure the end results meet and exceed your expectations.
Goodwill is able to handle projects of many scopes and sizes. Whether it is a parts kitting or receiving pieces from multiple suppliers and putting all of it together, Goodwill will get the job done on-time and on budget. The parts kitting team has worked with a variety of materials including metals, plastics, and wood and is able to bolt, solder, glue, screw, and tape, whatever the job entails.

Goodwill’s workforce will deliver successful parts kits in the most demanding time frames so you can meet your customer’s needs.

Reverse Logistics

Goodwill provides a variety of services to help businesses manage products once manufactured. Services include repackaging, relabeling, inspection, refurbishing, sorting, end-of-life recycling, or a combination of these activities.

Companies, including Goodwill’s own stores, have relied on reverse logistics services. Keep your company’s focus on the core activities, and let Goodwill handle the rest.

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