Success Story: Arthur McDonald

Arthur McDonald's Success Story: After incarceration, Arthur received an opportunity and a chance from GoodwillWhen he was just 17, Arthur McDonald got into trouble and was sentenced to prison as an adult. When he was released just after his 19th birthday, he hoped to get on the right track, but after being unable to find a job due to his record, Arthur found himself once again turning to crime. The next time he was caught, he was sentenced to 17 years in prison. Arthur says “That’s when the reality kicked in…What have I done to myself?” Goodwill’s “behind the walls” program presented Arthur with an opportunity and a chance for a productive life after prison, helping him overcome the barrier that a criminal past can prove to be. Upon his release, he interviewed and was hired for a part-time position as a donated goods processor and from there began to experience the pride and dignity that comes from earning a paycheck. Today, Arthur is a Case Manager for Goodwill, helping others who are experiencing the same problems that he once had. He shares his Goodwill success story so that other’s may know that, given a chance, they too can achieve their greatest potential.