Success Stories

You Change Lives When You Donate and Shop

Through your support of Goodwill you are changing the lives of individuals who participate in Goodwill job training and employment programs.  To read more about Goodwill programs click here.

Success Story:  Sylvester

When Sylvester Tamba moved from Africa to America, his primary goal was to find work to support himself and his family back home in Liberia. However, cultural barriers and Sylvester’s disability made it difficult to find a job. Feeling discouraged, and defeated, Sylvester moved from Wilmington, NC to Lynchburg and it was here that he found success through the help of Goodwill…
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Success Story:  Hank

Hank Parrott’s journey to greater independence began with Goodwill’s Medicaid Waiver Day Support program (Discovery Services). Through social interactions, community outings, and skills coaching, Hank is building a life that he can be proud of…
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Success Story:  Toni

When the sole responsibility for raising 4 grandchildren fell to her, Toni Patterson had to leave her job of 25 years. With the burden of caring for young children on little-to-no income, Toni struggled for years to make ends meet. When it became necessary for her to raise her great-granddaughter, Toni knew she had to find a way to build a better life for them both…
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Success Story:  Ozzy

Ozzy Shively’s Goodwill success story begins with Project SEARCH. The Goodwill Project SEARCH program gave Ozzy hands-on work experience through a Carilion Clinic internship. This real world experience helped Ozzy transition from high school…
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Success Story:  Arthur

When he was just 17, Arthur McDonald got into trouble and was sentenced to prison as an adult. When he was released just after his 19th birthday, he hoped to get on the right track, but after being unable to find a job due to his record, Arthur found himself once again turning to crime. The next time he was caught, he was sentenced to 17 years in prison. Arthur says “That’s when the reality kicked in…
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Find more success stories on Goodwill’s YouTube Page and in Our Community Impact Reports.