Success Stories


Devin Williams did not initially come to Goodwill, like many other program participants; Goodwill came to him. Incarcerated at Bland Correctional Facility, Devin met Goodwill managers during their visit to work on Goodwill’s prisoner re-entry program …
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Elizabeth's success story through GoodwillElizabeth
When Elizabeth came to Goodwill, she had a clear goal in mind: Gain work experience so that she could easily transfer from school to the working world. Born with a physical disability that makes it difficult for her to balance, she gets support from her service dog, Zeus, who is always by her side and helps her stand up and walk straight …
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Shenice's Success Story through Goodwill

Shenice Crowder was only 14 years old when she left home. The child of a divorced family, Shenice lived with her mom until age 12. No longer wanting to live by her mother’s rules, she decided to move in with her father. After two years, Shenice felt she was no longer welcome in her dad’s home …

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