Success Stories

There are many success stories of individuals whose lives have been changed after participating in a Goodwill job training and employment program. To read more about Goodwill programs click here.

To hear from Goodwill Programs Participants how Goodwill changed their life, visit Goodwill’s YouTube Page. You can read more success stories in the 2014 Annual Report.


Success Story:  Devin

Devin Williams pictured at work at the Western Virginia Water Authority is one of Goodwill's success stories.Devin Williams did not initially come to Goodwill, like many other program participants; Goodwill came to him. Incarcerated at Bland Correctional Facility, Devin met Goodwill managers during their visit to work on Goodwill’s prisoner re-entry program…
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Success Story:  Diane

Success Story Diane FeehanDiane worked in corporate finance positions early in her career. Married, with a job she loved, Diane gave birth to their son. Three months later her husband was hurt at work and placed on permanent disability. Her son was also diagnosed with a disability, and soon Diane was forced stay at home to care for her family…
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Success Story:  Brian

Brian Barnett’s Goodwill story begins with Project SEARCH. The Goodwill Project SEARCH program gave Brian hands on work experience and helped him transition from high school, where he had become so familiar and comfortable, to working, earning a paycheck, and gaining greater independence…
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