2017 Board of Directors


James Laub, Chair, Edward Jones
John Coker, Vice Chair, Retired – SunTrust Investment Services
Howard Lyon, Treasurer, RGC Resources, Inc.
Tara Branscom, Secretary, Cowan Perry, PC
Bruce Phipps, President & CEO, Goodwill Industries of the Valleys


Will Andrews, Scott Insurance
John Capps, Central Virginia Community College
Matthew Churchill, Union Bank & Trust
Linda Edwards, Edwards Sikkema Associates
Mike Flint, Integrity Growth Capital
Mae Huff, Retired – City of Roanoke
Robert Jeffrey, Jr., ColorsVA Magazine
Dan Karnes, Retired – Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Chuck Kiser, Shultz, Kiser & Associates
Nathaniel Marshall, Babcock & Wilcox
Roy Martin, Retired – Goodwill Industries International
Craig Parrent, SunTrust Bank
Melinda Payne, City of Salem
Sam Rasoul, ENVIGOR & VA House of Delegates 11th District

Senior Leadership Team

The Goodwill Industries of the Valleys senior leadership team provides the guidance, management, and vision necessary to achieve successful outcomes for the organization.

Support Center

Bruce Phipps, President & CEO
Jackson Green, Chief Operating Officer
Steven Kelley, Chief Financial Officer
Frank Rogan, Chief Development Officer
Kelly Sandridge, Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Lillie Stevens, Senior Director Human Resources

2502 Melrose Avenue, NW, Suite A
P O Box 6159
Roanoke, VA 24017
(540) 581-0620, Option 4
Fax: (540) 581-0629

Work Training Services

Linda LaMona, Senior Vice President 

2502 Melrose Avenue, NW, Suite C
P O Box 6159
Roanoke, VA 24017
(540) 581-0620, Option 5
Fax: (540) 581-0628

Workforce Development

Mary Ann Gilmer, Vice President

2502 Melrose Avenue, NW, Suite B
P O Box 6159
Roanoke, VA 24017
(540) 581-0620, Option 4
Fax: (540) 342-2397

Commercial Services

Jodi Henrickson, Vice President

2502 Melrose Avenue, NW, Suite C
P O Box 6159
Roanoke, VA 24017
(540) 581-0620, Option 5
Fax: (540) 581-0628

Donated Goods

Mindy Boyd, Vice President

2502 Melrose Avenue, NW, Suite C
P O Box 6159
Roanoke, VA 24017
(540) 581-0620 ext 1212
Fax: (540) 581-0628

A message from Goodwill Leadership:
Bruce Phipps, President & CEO and John Capps, 2016 Goodwill Board Chair

“Goodwill’s community impact is a ripple effect that begins by helping people to achieve greater independence. That effect is then felt by business and the community as a whole.”  

The Board Chair provides voluntary support to Goodwill Leadership

John Capps, Goodwill Industries of the Valleys Board Chair

President and CEO leads the Goodwill Leadership Team

Bruce Phipps, Goodwill Industries of the Valleys President & CEO

When we think about the impact that Goodwill is having on the lives of individuals throughout our communities it means something different to each person. For someone like Tesfa it’s about enabling him to start a new life for his family; for Charlie it’s about having a choice and feeling respected; and for Mariam it’s about having the means to be independent.

The impact Goodwill has on individuals is not just about helping them to find a job. It is about providing a foundation of learning that will enable them to achieve greater independence. It may be establishing a pathway to a new career or it may be learning life skills that allow someone to socialize with friends. We are meeting people where they are, providing a hand up, not a hand out, to participate more fully in life.

Our impact doesn’t stop with individuals. Through the work of Goodwill, companies are connecting with qualified people to fill positions. Communities are stronger because their citizens are contributing to the local economy instead of being dependent on public assistance. Goodwill recycling efforts are also having a positive impact on our environment, keeping material out of landfills through recycling and salvage efforts, and giving clothing and other household items a new life through the sale of goods in retail stores.

As we look to the future, our Goodwill will continue to focus on service to individuals. We also understand our responsibility to the communities that we serve. Our community development efforts will encourage community collaborations, empower citizens to have a voice in the betterment of their neighborhoods, and encourage residents and Goodwill staff to take an active role in of our communities.

We at Goodwill take pride, every day, knowing that we are changing lives and building better communities.